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This is the other illustration I did for the Trinquette weekly challenge, if you want to see it with the trinquette logo, which makes it looks better, please check the link below

Hey guys! I’m sorry I didn’t post here for a bit, it’s cause I’m in th middle of few exciting projects, but really have to work on them hard, plus few commissions I have to, have to do! I need more hours in the day! I found tiny bit of time to do a couple of illustrations for Trinquétte weekly challenge, always very inspiring, this time the challenge was tank girl, it was fun, I learn all the story and baby round of the character, it was good practice, if you would like to see my work and all the artwork of all the amazing artists that won it, please go to the link


Starting a new project, this is just a quick sketch I did,keep working, have a nice Friday guys

This started as a daily sketch, but I like it so I kept working on it, it’s a kind of a traditional Russian dancer,a good practice anyway, keep on

Quick sketch of Cleopatra, keep working

Sketch of a cute sailor pin up, based on the lovely Veronica Wyles, love her work, keep working

Few sketches that’s i did through April, I have been posting them in my Instagram,, they are very different, lots of things inspired, opposite and different things, actresses like Kim Novak, what it could be the cover of my favourite book “to kill a mockingbird”,disney tinkerbell, crazy stuff, keep working

These two are my two entries, illustrations for the trinquette weekly challenge, the topic was skydoll,and they were picked, yay! I love how Trinquétte publishing added their logo and picked the colours to match and enhance the illustrations, so tasteful! Thanks guys! If you like them go to the link below and click likes, awesome artwork there of many artists,

Here I post a face close up of the whole illustration I did of skydoll, total fan of these comics, love them,I made this fanart for the trinquette weekly challenge, keep working..

This is a little detail of the skydoll fanart illustration I posted before, I have used different filters, I am trying to decide which one is nicer, mmmmm…

This is one of the illustrations I did for the Trinquétte weekly challenge, this week I was super motivated because the topic was sky doll, I love those comics! So here it goes, Ludovica character, keep working…

I just finished this illustration for the Trinquétte weekly challenge, kill la kill, keep working…

Working in another piece for the show, keep on

I’m working on a few illustrations and paintings for a show, I thought it will be a good idea to put up here the development of few pieces, I’m not sure if it’s finished yet this one,but getting there, spring feeling, just in the painting though, I’m officially a mole,a mole with pencils and brushes,keep working

Quick doodle, I’m not sure, it’s kind of a summery image based on an amazing picture of Diana Ross when she was super young, playing with the colors, now back to work with the show pieces! Keep on

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