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I just finished this illustration for the Trinquétte weekly challenge, kill la kill, keep working…

Working in another piece for the show, keep on

I’m working on a few illustrations and paintings for a show, I thought it will be a good idea to put up here the development of few pieces, I’m not sure if it’s finished yet this one,but getting there, spring feeling, just in the painting though, I’m officially a mole,a mole with pencils and brushes,keep working

Quick doodle, I’m not sure, it’s kind of a summery image based on an amazing picture of Diana Ross when she was super young, playing with the colors, now back to work with the show pieces! Keep on

Working as hard as I can in a new set of paintings and illustrations for an upcoming exhibition, I hope I can make it, I need to elongated the hours, this is one of the new pieces, keep working, have a nice weekend guys!


Good Vibes HERE

Another illustration for the Trinquétte weekly challenge, Vampirella is the weekly challenge, keep working.

More practice for the Trinquétte weekly challenge, always fun,lots of work, this time Vampirella, keep working, have a nice weekend guys!

Trinquétte publishing has selected this illustration! Check their awesome page here

I know Patricks day was yesterday but I got all inspired by green colours, leprechauns,luck, clovers,so it came up in my daily doodling this little guy, keep working

"Nobody put baby in a corner" quick sketch inspire in "dirty dancing" doodle of the day, keep working

I had to do another quick illustration of Bettie Page, i love pin up art, so I had to like the trinquette weekly challenge, probably too late for it, but great practice, and my tribute to Bettie, so beautiful,keep working…

So this is my own version of the pin up, in capital letters, Bettie page, awesome! I will keep working on this one forever,but I can’t, I might when I have a bit of spare time,I really like the pose, I tried to give it a retro atmosphere, keep working…

Quick sketch and zoom in of the face, singing in the rain, great movie, the birthday cake girl,Debbie Reynolds, it’s an awesome costume! Such a happy feeling when you see her came out of the cake and dance,Never get bored of watching it, keep working…

Quick pin up sketch, have a nice valentines day guys, keep working..

I made this piece with the two of them, Wonder Woman and power girl, I wanted to try, to mix and match both characters, the colors and give it a old fashion look, keep working, keep trying, vote for it if you like it, please

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